International Links - Grenoble, France

Twin Towns - Grenoble France

A dynamic modern city with a picturesque old town at its heart, Grenoble is home to both an ancient university and a hi-tech science hub. In the second half of the last century Grenoble was one of the fastest growing cities in France, swallowing up the neighbouring valley communities to form a metropolitan area of half a million people.

Grenoble lies along the Isère river with Alpine ranges on all sides (on a clear day Mont Blanc can be glimpsed to the east) and is known as the 'Capital of the French Alps'. Whatever the weather, you will be entertained by the city's many museums, art galleries, parks and green spaces, with the old fort of La Bastille offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

There are many similarities between Oxford and Grenoble, but also many differences, and that's what makes this twinning link so unique and interesting!

Oxford Grenoble Association

Since 1989 there have been regular exchanges between Oxford and Grenoble between educational, sporting, professional and cultural groups. In 2019, we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of our link with a series of events - look out for these on the international links website.

The Oxford-Grenoble Association and its French counterpart Alliance Grenoble-Oxford continue to help forge links, organizing memorable visits and supporting their fellow citizens' cross-Channel interests. The voluntary associations provide a meeting-point for French and British people at home by putting on social events. They also organise an annual visit to Grenoble and Oxford. Food and drink play a key role in this link - the twinning of an Oxford pub with a Grenoble cafe will therefore come as no surprise!

For more information on Oxford Grenoble Association contact:  Jean Burrell, (01865) 249062 or email: [email protected]