International Links - Leiden, Netherlands

Twin Towns - Leiden Holland

The Oxford-Leiden Link was Oxford’s first twin link, established immediately after the Second World War as part of a movement to foster friendship among nations, and has adapted and evolved over the years to reflect changing lifestyles.

With all the charms of Amsterdam, and easy to travel to by Eurostar/train, Leiden makes for the perfect cultural getaway for families and young people. The home of the oldest university in The Netherlands, Leiden is full of bookshops, printing works and students on bikes - much like Oxford itself. Set against the stunning backdrop of traditional Dutch architecture and picturesque canals, Leiden is known as the ‘museum-city’ of the Netherlands.

It is estimated that about 10,000 people on both sides of the North Sea have been involved in our cultural, sporting and social activities since 1946, giving them a valuable insight into the cultures and customs of our two cities and countries. 

Two official exchanges are held every year - in May, a party from Oxford visits Leiden to remember the victims of war on the Dutch Remembrance Day, and in November, a party from Leiden visits Oxford for our Remembrance Day. Cultural and sporting groups exchange or take part in events throughout the rest of the year.