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The birthplace of Beethoven, the capital of (West) Germany, Bonn is a city full of character and history. It is small enough to walk across in an hour, with cafes and restaurants dotted around in the open and welcoming squares. Its beautiful architecture will make you forget you’ve been walking for hours! If you love Oxford, then you will definitely love Bonn.

The city has plenty to keep you busy, with countless festivals, museums, castles, churches and markets. It will make for a perfect family holiday, or a cultural escape with your friends. Bonn is located on the banks of the Rhine and is just thirty minutes from Cologne airport. The city is the headquarters of Deutsche Post (DHL) and Deutsche Telekom and claimed itself a new profile as the German City of the United Nations after the opening of the Bonn UN Campus in July 1996. The city is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Germany, it is a city for ALL!

Bonn - Germany

Oxford Bonn Link

The Bonn Link promotes the twinning partnership between the cities of Oxford and Bonn.

This can include, for example, helping to establish partnerships between organisations in Bonn and Oxford which have a common or similar interest; promoting a Bonn Week in Oxford at four-yearly intervals and co-ordinating the activities of local organisations participating in the Oxford Week in Bonn.

The group meet quarterly and membership comprises representatives of various organisations.

For more infromation contact Alan Pope [email protected] or Voirrey Carr [email protected].

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