International Links - Bonn, Germany

Twin Towns - Bonn Germany

One of the first official Anglo-German links to be formally established after the war, Oxford has been twinned with Bonn since 1947. 

In keeping with Bonn's long musical tradition - it was Beethoven's birthplace and first home - Oxford choirs, bands and orchestras perform regularly in Bonn with their partner groups.

Apart from school and university links, art, sport, hobby, youth theatre and business contacts have also been made.

Every four years there is a week of events in either Oxford or Bonn to celebrate our longstanding friendship.

See the Bonn website for more information about the city.

Oxford Bonn Link

The Bonn Link is established for the purposes of promoting the twinning partnership between the cities of Oxford and Bonn.

Activities include assisting in establishing partnerships between organisations in the two cities having a common or similar interest; promoting a Bonn Week in Oxford at four-yearly intervals and co-ordinating the activities and participation of local organisations participating in the corresponding Oxford Week in Bonn.

The group meet quarterly and membership comprises representatives of various organisations.

For more infromation contact Alan Pope or Voirrey Carr

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