Community Grants Communications and Logo Guidelines

Why it's important to acknowledge our support

Oxford City Council supports community projects using public money. By accepting your funding, you have made a commitment to acknowledge our support publicly. You should do this by featuring our funding logo on all of your related information, marketing and publicity materials.

It is important that the public are aware of where and how public funding is being spent. Your work is the best advertisement for public funding that there is. This is why using an acknowledgement logo is a condition of receiving your funding.

How to use our logo

The logo is available in black, blue and white and is available to download below: 

Please do not alter the proportions of the logo, enclose them in a box, add effects (eg. shading) or crop it to fit into a small space.


The City Council logo should appear in black, blue or white. It should never be reproduced in any other colour.

Exclusion zones

Ensure you place an exclusion zone of blank space around the funding logo. Nothing (typography, graphic device or photographic detail) should encroach into this space.

The formula for the exclusion zone applies to all sizes of reproduction. If the funding logo features in a line-up of logos from other organisations, our exclusion zone requirements still apply.

Wherever possible, the funding logo should be positioned in any of the four corners of a design layout. The logo should be positioned at least the distance of the exclusion zone from the edge of the page.


If your organisation has a website, the funding logo must appear on the home page or be somewhere clearly visible (suggested 70 pixels minimum).

We also require you to include a link to our website, so people know who we are and how they can apply for our support. Our website address is

Print advertising

Our funding logo should feature in any print advertising that you run, which is related to the funded project.

If the size of advertising space does not allow you to include our logo in a size that is legible, use the words: 'Supported with funding from Oxford City Council'.

Verbal and written acknowledgement

All press releases, interviews, public statements and event speeches should feature a written or verbal acknowledgement of our support. This acknowledgement should be made throughout the duration of your funding using the words: 'Supported using funding from Oxford City Council'.

Film, sound and broadcast media

Your visual media should acknowledge our support via use of the funding logo.

Sound media should use a verbal acknowledgement: 'This production is supported using funding from Oxford City Council'.

Brochures and programmes

Where applicable, our funding logo should appear on the front or back cover of all related brochures and programmes and adhere to the logo guidelines. If your funding is allocated for a single project, which is part of a larger programme or event, then the funding logo should be used on the brochure or programme pages that are specific to the project.

For commissioned organisations, we reserve the right to include a page in your event brochure or programme in order to promote our grant support. The content, timescales and deadlines for this would be discussed and agreed in advance with you.