2011 Census

Census 2011

Quick facts 

  • The 2011 Census took place on Sunday 27 March 2011. All the statistics from the Census have now been released, covering topics including population, housing, health and economic activity.
  • The Office for National Statistics is beginning plans for the 2021 Census. A consultation about the proposed topics was conducted in 2015, and results of the consultation will be published in 2016. 

Accessing data from the Census

The Census provides a very rich source of information about the population. The quickest way to discover what information is available from the 2011 Census is to visit the Census Table Finder on the Nomis website. The topics include:

  • Population & household counts, age & sex
  • Ethnic group, country of birth, year of arrival in UK, language
  • Housing: tenure, overcrowding, type of dwelling, number of rooms, household composition
  • Economic activity: industry, occupation, qualifications, employment, economic inactivity, students
  • Health: disability, self-reported health, caring
  • Transport: car ownership, mode and place of travel to work

All of this information can be broken down by age and sex, a wide range of other characteristics (e.g. disability by ethnic group) and for small areas within the city (down to the over 400 Output Areas in Oxford). Selected data from the 2011 Census is published on our Statistics About Oxford webpages, much of which was originally downloaded from the ONS Nomis website.

Alternative sources are the Neighbourhood Statistics and Office for National Statistics websites. The Office for National Statistics have also developed some interactive maps and charts and detailed analysis of the Census stories.

Statistics from previous censuses

You can read this short document which describes how Oxford has changed since the first Census in 1801.

A view of Oxford through the Censuses, from 1801 to 2001

You can view some historical census returns including ones from Charlotte Bronte, Sir Winston Churchill and Karl Marx on the Census Hall of Fame website. Personal information from the Census is kept confidential for 100 years, so 1911 is the latest historical Census which has been released.