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  • At the 2011 Census it was estimated that 32% of Oxford's population was aged 18-29 years (compared to 17% for Oxfordshire and 16% for England and Wales), and the city has the youngest median age – 28.9 years – of any place in England and Wales
  • Between 2000 and 2010, there was been a marked increase in the birth rate causing a rise in the number of children. The general fertility rate has been in decline since 2011 (download fertility rate document).
  • There has also been a large rise in the number of young people aged 25–29 years. Meanwhile, the number of people aged over 75 years has decreased.
  • As a result of the decreased birth rate, in the next decade, there will be a marked decrease in the number of young people aged 0-10 years – from 19,600 in 2016 to 17,500 in 2026.

Population age structure by single year of age and sex for local authorities, counties, regions and England as a whole, mid-2016 to mid-2041 (Office for National Statistics)


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Oxford population by age and gender, 2011 Census

Map: proportion of people of pensionable age (2005 estimates)

Map: proportion of people aged 0 to 15 years (2005 estimates)

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Oxford population by age and gender, 2011 Census

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