Who should apply for a HMO Licence

Who should apply for a HMO Licence

You are responsible for applying for an HMO licence:

If - You own or lease a property which meets the HMO definition and you receive rent (either collected directly or by an agent) from tenants or licensees.

Or - You receive the ‘rack-rent’ (two-thirds or more of the full net annual value of the rent) from a property which meets the HMO definition. This includes tenants who sublet.

HMO Licences are not transferrable

A new HMO licence application must be made if you wish to change the HMO licence holder.

You must apply for an HMO Licence within 12 weeks of purchase/creating the HMO, otherwise you will be charged more and may be prosecuted.

You must get planning permission to change a family dwelling into an HMO. Before purchasing or letting a property which you would like to be an HMO you should check if it already has, or is likely to get to be an HMO. Planning offer a pre-application advice service.

HMO Licence pre-application advice visits

If you are a landlord thinking about converting a property into an HMO and you would like us to visit to advise you on the HMO licensing requirements before you complete works or apply for a licence, please contact us using the link below. There is a fee for this service. 

Book a HMO pre-licensing advice visit