Minimum Standards for Houses in Multiple Occupation

National HMO standards

The legal minimum standards for licensed HMOs are set out in the Housing Act 2004 and national regulations.

The HMO Management Regulations cover the legal duties for the day-to-day running of HMOs.

All licensed HMOs must have a fire risk assessment. This is a requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Oxford's HMO standards

We have produced an amenities and facilities guide to help everyone understand the legal requirements and standards within HMOs in the city.

Download our Amenities and Facilities Guide

HMO Licence Pre-application Advice Visits

If you are a landlord thinking about converting a property into an HMO and you would like us to visit to advise you on the HMO licensing requirements before you complete works or apply for a licence, please contact us using the link below. There is a charge for this service, see our Fees and Charges page for details. 

Book a pre-licensing advice visit

Landlords and Agents' Guide to HMO Licensing

This guide is to help landlords and agents understand the unique licensing requirements in Oxford, and explains the criteria for the different lengths of licence available.

Download our Guide to HMO Licensing

Oxford's Guide for Private Tenants

This is a general guide to help tenants understand their legal rights when privately renting accommodation. It includes lots of useful information relevant to tenants of HMOs.

Download our Guide for Private Tenants