Apply for a new HMO Licence

Approving your application

What happens next

We will ask you to send us copies of safety certificates

  • Gas Safety certificate
  • Fire Alarm test certificates
  • Emergency Lighting test certificates
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Domestic Electrical Periodic Inspection Report

Please send copies by email or post to the address below. Do not send originals as we are unable to return them.

It is a condition of all HMO licences in Oxford that you send us updated certificates each year as they expire, so we always hold an up-to-date copy in our records.

Unsatisfactory certificates will not be accepted; any remedial works identified on the certificates must be completed and a new satisfactory certificate submitted.

We will inspect the property and draft licence conditions

After we have received your valid application, we will arrange to inspect the house.

We will then draft licence conditions based on the findings from this inspection. The draft licence (known as an Intention Notice) will be emailed to you and other interested parties for consultation. Licences can be served by post, but this incurs an additional fee.

You will have an opportunity to make any representations, which we will consider.

We will then grant your HMO licence (known as the Decision Notice). Again, copies will be sent to all interested parties.

If you are still unhappy with the conditions, you will have an opportunity to appeal to the First-tier Property Tribunal.

Make an HMO licence representation

We will re-inspect the property later in the year to check conditions have been complied with. Failing to comply with any conditions on your licence is an offence.

Your first licence will run for one (1) year, and you must renew your HMO licence before it expires. After your first year, you may get the opportunity to apply for longer licences, provided you meet all the renewal criteria.