Home adaptations for council tenants with a disability

If you have a disability and your council home causes you difficulties, it may be possible to reduce these by altering or adapting your home. We are responsible for carrying out alterations and adaptations to council homes through our Disabled Adaptations Team.

Types of adaptations

Depending on your needs these may include;

  • Getting portable aids to help you live more independently
  • Installing fixed aids to make things easier (grab rails)
  • Adapting your home to make getting around easier and safer (over-bath showers, level access showers, access ramps, stair lifts)
  • Moving to a property more suitable for your needs

How to apply

You will need to have an assessment by an Occupational Therapist to determine your adaptation needs, taking into account your circumstances and how urgent your needs are. We do not carry out any adaptations without an assessment, unless it is for a minor item like grab rails. 

You can contact the Social and Health Care Team at Oxfordshire County Council to refer yourself for an assessment. You will need to provide ;

  • your date of birth
  • your GP details
  • a contact telephone number
  • a description of what problems you are experiencing at home and what adaptations you feel would assist you

The Occupational Therapist will then make a detailed recommendation (called a Referral) for us to action. 

Carrying out the work

We will normally complete the work within 3 months of the receiving your Referral.