How we calculate your rent and service charge

How we calculate your service charge

Your service charge is a payment you make for the repair and maintenance of shared areas where you live. For example it covers:

  • the maintenance of lifts or door entry systems
  • cleaning shared areas
  • insuring the building
  • Estate Manager services

Calculating your Service Charge

The Charge is based on the cost of delivering the different services listed above. The amount needed to maintain the buildings is divided equally among all the households that use the shared services.

Every year we review the amount being charged to make sure it is correct.

Each March we send a letter with the amount of service charge you will have to pay for the next year.

The amount charged is in addition to the rent you pay on the property.

Paying your Service Charge

If you do not pay your Service Charge then you are in breach of your Tenancy Agreement. If you have any problems paying then contact us straight away.