Affordable Housing Register

If you are already a tenant

You can obtain a transfer form from your landlord's local office.

Any existing Council or partner housing association tenant living in Oxford City can apply. However your application is only likely to be approved if:

  • You do not have a current court order against you for rent arrears or anti-social behaviour.
  • You are living in your property as your main home.

The council operates an Incentive scheme for council tenants who wish to move into a smaller home and thus free up a family sized home.

Council and housing association tenants can also apply to exchange their homes through HomeSwapper

If you want to move because of problems with anti-social behaviour, problems with repairs or because you need your property to be adapted, a transfer may not be the best option and you should speak to your own landlord for advice. Oxford City Council tenants should contact their Tenancy Management Officer.