Affordable Housing Register

How to apply to join the housing register

To apply to join the housing register, you must complete the application form found towards the bottom of the page.

Only housing applicants who have a local connection to Oxford, with some exceptions, will normally qualify for inclusion on the Housing Register and a possible offer of housing. Local connection criteria are either:

  • Residence in the area for six out of the last twelve months, or three out of the last five years.
  • Employment (not short term) in Oxford for a minimum of sixteen hours per week.
  • Close family living in Oxford who have lived here for at least five years.

Full details on local connection can be found in the Allocations Scheme.

You will also need to supply all the supporting documents listed below as proof to support your housing application. Failure to do so will result in a delay in your housing application being processed or your application may be cancelled.    

Supporting documents

To support your application we need all the following information before we can start processing your application.

To facilitate processing your application, please send a scan or photograph of the documents below, where available, with your application form using the email address provided towards the bottom of the page.  Please do not post any original documents to us.

The list of supporting documents below is the minimum we require to assess your application and further information may be requested at a later date.

  • Identification for each applicant over 18 - Passport, driving licence, residents permit or if you do not have either of these a long birth certificate with any immigration documents
  • Identification for each applicant under 18 - Long birth certificate along with child benefit and child tax credit award letters
  • Proof of address - Tenancy agreement, license agreement or letter from current head of household. If you are no fixed abode you will need to request a NFA questionnaire and supply letters from any friends or family you stay with
  • Proof of capital - Latest 3 months' bank statements of all bank, building society, savings accounts and post office accounts for each applicant over 18
  • Proof of  income - 3 months' worth of wage slips (if employed) and all benefit award letters
  • Full 5 year address history - This should include the tenure you held, details as to how many bedrooms you had access to and your reason for leaving.
  • Landlord reference - Either an up to date rent statement or a letter from your current landlord confirming you have no rent arrears or tenancy issues. If you cannot provide this, please provide a written and signed statement to confirm why you could not obtain the reference. Include your full name and address in this statement. 

We will not be able to start assessing your application without all of the above documents and a fully completed general register application form.  If you have any difficulty providing any of this information, please contact us to discuss it. 

Application form

When completing an application form please ensure you answer all the questions fully.

All information will be treated as confidential, although information may be shared if we need to check against fraud or follow up information about your housing needs.

We will take action against anyone found to have been fraudulently applying for accommodation or not giving full details of their circumstances.

Download our General Housing Register Application Form

What happens next

After we receive your fully completed general register application form and the supporting documents requested above, we will write to you once we have assessed them and updated our records.