Rose Hill Community

Rose Hill Community Partnership

The Rose Hill Community Partnership holds meetings every 12 weeks at the Rose Hill Community Centre.

Interested in coming along to a partnership meeting? Just come along or contact the partnership chair - Alan Foulkes, Locality Officer:

Organisations involved

The Rose Hill Community Partnership is made up a variety of organisations, agencies and residents.  All services are committed to enhancing and promoting the Rose Hill area and work in partnership to overcome issues and gaps in provision. Issues can be identified in these meetings and action plans devised, which can be put into action by the sub groups. Sub groups and other services report back on the progress of their work and community initiatives coordinated.

Working sub-groups

The Rose Hill Community Partnership has themed sub-groups which meet between full partnership meetings. Examples of these being the Health and Wellbeing and Youth Partnerships. The aim of these groups is to focus on one area of work and devise a work plan to address the issues, attendees at these meeting either work in the focus area or have a personal interest. The sub-groups report directly to the community partnership.