Domestic Abuse

Organising a safety plan

If you are experiencing domestic violence or feel you may do in the near future, you should organise a safety plan using the steps below:

  • Talk to someone you trust
  • Arrange a safe place to go if you need to leave quickly
  • Prepare a bag of clothes, medication and any important documents such as driving licence, passport, birth certificates, benefit books etc.  If it is too risky to keep the originals then take a copy. Leave the bag with a friend or a family member
  • Have a code word for family, friends, neighbours or children so that they can call the Police for you in an emergency
  • Keep a diary of events and any abusive letters, emails or text messages
  • If an argument starts avoid the kitchen, bathroom, garage or any room where there is no escape route or where there is easy access to potential weapons
  • If you have a mobile phone keep it with you at all times