Report cuckooing

We have produced a simple, informative and memorable guide to help people identify and assist victims of Cuckooing using the acronym NEST.

Notice the signs

Look out for your neighbours especially if there has been a change in behaviour.  Spot the signs listed above

Evidence your concerns

Make a note of your concerns, times, dates, what has happened and identity or names of people coming in and out.  If there is lots of noise, download the Noise App to record it safely.

Stay Safe

It is important you are safe, so do not approach any of the people you believe may be cuckooing your neighbour or take photographs.

Tell the Local Authority and the Police

Report it online (it will only take a few minutes) and it will go to the Anti-Social Behaviour Investigation Team (ASBIT) and the police.

Report cuckooing online

You can also call 101 or email In an emergency please dial 999.

We will keep your identity confidential where possible. Thank you for sharing the information it will assist in protecting vulnerable people.