Pest Control Advice - Mites

Red Spider mites

These are an outdoor species generally living on plants and trees. As the summer breeding season progresses, the outside population of mites increases considerably. With the onset of the cooler autumn weather, this frequently results in a mass migration into buildings in search of hibernation places. Large numbers therefore can be found in the home after entering through cracks in window frames, air vents etc.

Although they are harmless to humans and animals and cannot damage textiles or foodstuffs, their nuisance value can be considerable and people sometimes object to large numbers of these tiny dark red mites on their furniture, window sills and walls. 


Control can be achieved firstly by cutting back any vegetation outside near to the infestation areas or access points, i.e. windows and air bricks. An insecticidal spray can be applied indoors to infested surfaces and powder can be puffed into any air vents, cracks and crevices outside.