Apply to exchange your Council home

When you find someone to exchange with

When you have found an address you think may be suitable you must:

  1. contact the tenant yourself and discuss the exchange.
  2. view the property as no repairs (other than those the landlord is responsible for) will be carried out
  3. inform your landlord, and seek their approval
  4. once you have approval,complete the necessary paperwork before moving. It is very important you do not move until this is done.

When you exchange you take on the same tenancy as the tenant you exchange with (called a deed of assignment). This means that you take on the rights and limitations that go with that tenancy.

Oxford City Council Tenants

We will not allow any mutual exchange where payment between the tenants exchanging happens and we may take legal action.

You must inform us and make sure the other person does the same with their landlord.  If you are an Oxford City Council tenant you can apply using the online Mutual Exchange request form or in writing, telling us:

  • Your name, address and phone number.
  • The name and address and phone number of the person you want to exchange with.
  • The name and address of the Landlord for the person you want to exchange with.
  • The date that you would like to move.

Property Checks 

Before the exchange goes ahead, the following checks will be made.

  • The property has to be an appropriate size and type for you.
  • Your home will be inspected for condition. Any repairs needed will have to be completed and paid for (if appropriate) before the move goes ahead. Tenants have to accept the property as it is when they sign the Deed. Gas and Electric checks will be carried out.
  • It is important that you check the property you are moving to thoroughly before agreeing to sign the Deed.
  • Your Rent Account must be clear or the exchange will not go ahead.