Apply to exchange your Council home

Before you apply to exchange

You must get the permission of your landlord. They can refuse permission in certain circumstances, such as:

  • An eviction notice has been served.
  • Either of the homes are too large or small for the households who are involved in the exchange.
  • The home has been built or adapted for people with disabilities or is part of a group of special needs accommodation (such as sheltered housing) and you do not need those adaptations.

We expect: 

  • your rent account to be clear of arrears
  • any outstanding repairs are reported to your landlord or carried out by yourself if they are your responsibility

You must visit the home that you want to move to. When you sign the Deed of Assignment you are agreeing to take the property as it is, and maintain any non-standard items.

For example, we will not replace bedroom doors if they have been removed by the previous tenant, and you have signed the agreement accepting the house without the doors.