Pay back your benefit overpayment

Automatic deductions from your housing benefit

If you are a council tenant or private tenant and still receiving Housing Benefit, you can repay the overpayment from the benefit that you are getting. We will deduct a set amount from the benefit that you receive, each week, until the overpayment is clear. These set amounts change each year.

  • The standard weekly overpayment recovery amounts is £11.10
  • For cases of Fraud, the standard weekly recovery amount is £18.25

If you have earnings being used in the calculation of your benefit claim, we will disregard some of these earnings, depending on your personal circumstances. We will add 50% of the amount we disregard, onto the standard amount.

For example, a lone parent who is working more than 16 hours, would be entitled to an earnings disregard of £25 per week. If they have an overpayment, we would recover this at the rate of £23.60 per week until the overpayment is cleared.

This will mean you have to increase the amount that you contribute to your rent.

Pay housing benefit overpayment

If you are no longer receiving Housing Benefit, you will get a bill. You can pay the bill on our website:

Pay housing benefit overpayment

If you cannot afford to pay the entire bill straight away you may be able to pay by instalments. You will need to contact us to make an arrangement which you can pay:

  • online
  • by phone using you debit or credit card
  • from your bank account by Payment Transfer / Standing Order
  • at a Post Office or PayPoint location.

Council Tax Reduction overpayment

Where you have received too much Council Tax reduction, the overpayment will be added to your Council tax bill. You will receive a new Council Tax bill and this will show new instalments and include the money that you have been overpaid.