Complaints about a driver, vehicle or operator

We take all complaints made about the level of service provided by drivers, condition of licensed vehicles, and the customer service provided by operators very seriously.

Should the service that you have received not meet with your expectations, we advise you to take the following steps:

  1. Make a note of either the driver's badge number, the vehicle licence plate number or the vehicle registration number
  2. Note the time and date of the incident
  3. Note the location of the incident
  4. Remember as much detail as you can about the vehicle type, colour and any distinguishing features
  5. Get in touch with us (see below)

In order to ensure that a complaint can be fully investigated and the appropriate enforcement action taken, please submit it in writing, either by post or email to

We are able to offer advice to both the public and the licensees in order to rectify issues that arise. However there are further powers available to us such as prosecution, suspension of licences, revocation of licences, and warnings.

When determining the level of action appropriate, we will have regard to our Policy on the Relevance of Warnings, Offences, Cautions and Convictions.

The over-riding consideration is to protect the public.