Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Newsletter

ZEZ impact on Private Hire Vehicles

The private hire fleet is already relatively low emission: in 2016 nearly half of the private hire fleet licensed by Oxford City Council met the 2010 EURO standards as compared to only 7% for the hackney carriage fleet. However it is expected that private hire vehicles will be subject to the requirements of the Zero Emissions Zone (ZEZ) as it expands in scope and area by 2025.

That means, that to be certain that you can operate your Private Hire vehicle in the ZEZ freely you will need to operate a vehicle meeting the ZEZ vehicle definition:

Under current proposals cars and vans which meet the following definition will be allowed in the zone: any vehicle with emits less than 75g of CO2/km from the tailpipe and capable of at least 10 miles of zero emission driving. This includes:

  • Pure electric vehicles
  • Range-extended electric vehicles
  • Certain plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

To be certain that a specific model is eligible to drive in the ZEZ, you can check with the manufacturer, or visit the GOV.UK - Plug In Car Grant website.

Charging Points

A new rapid charger will be installed in Keble Road in June 2021 to be used by all e-taxis (both Private Hire and Hackney Carriage). This will be followed by another five chargers later this year.

The cost of rapid charging have been fixed at 18p per kwh until November 2022, and will then rise, but remain below market rates.

A limited number of charging bays will be opened to the general public temporarily, while use from the trades is still low. This will be reviewed regularly, and withdrawn once there are enough e-taxis in the trade.