Policies, Plans and Strategies

We have organised our policies and plans under our corporate priority headings. There is also a section for core policies which over-arch everything that we do. Use the links below to go straight to documents for each section:

Our Partnership and Policy Map gives an overview of key organisations, strategies and plans across Oxford and Oxfordshire, under the five priorities for the city.

A Vibrant, Sustainable Economy

Our ambition: A smart and entrepreneurial city with a thriving local economy supported by improved infrastructure, training and skills.

Meeting Housing Needs

Our ambition: Improving Oxford residents’ access to affordable and high-quality homes in good environments that are close to jobs and facilities.

Strong and Active Communities

Our ambition: Socially cohesive and safe communities.

A clean and green Oxford

Our ambition: An attractive and clean city that minimises its environmental impact by cutting carbon, waste and pollution.

An Efficient and Effective Council

Our ambition: A customer-focused organisation, delivering efficient, high-quality services that meet people’s needs.