Policies, Plans and Strategies

We have organised our policies and plans under our corporate priority headings. There is also a section for core policies which over-arch everything that we do. Use the links below to go straight to documents for each section:

Our Partnership and Policy Map gives an overview of key organisations, strategies and plans across Oxford and Oxfordshire, under the five priorities for the city.

Enable an inclusive economy

Our ambition: Oxford needs a more inclusive economy in which wealth is distributed across our communities and where all citizens can share the benefits of growth.

Deliver more, affordable housing

Our ambition: Intervention is needed to address Oxford’s housing crisis where existing homes are unaffordable for many and demand for good quality homes outstrips what is available.

Support thriving communities

Our ambition: Oxford’s diverse communities should be equipped, supported and enabled to tackle inequality and ensure everyone is able to play a full part in the life of our city.

Pursue a zero carbon Oxford

Our ambition: In 2019 Oxford City Council declared a Climate Emergency and held the Oxford Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change. The clear message from citizens was that they want the city to continue to take a lead in reducing emissions and increasing biodiversity, while ensuring this does not impact citizens’ living standards.