Pay For Parking By Phone

Ways to pay with RingGo

There are several ways to pay for your parking with RingGo:

  • By calling the phone service
  • By text message
  • By using the smartphone app
  • Through the internet

Details on each are provided below.

Automated phone service

To use the automated phone service, you simply call the telephone number on the signs when you want to park.  RingGo will remember you (by recognising your mobile phone number) and ask you to:

  • Confirm the vehicle you want to park
  • Confirm the location you want to park in
  • Say how long you want to park, and
  • Provide the security code from your credit card

Text to park

You can, alternatively, use the quick and easy RingGo 'text to park' option.  So for instance, you can send a message with 3902 2h 867 (location number, duration and unit, card security code) in it to 07786 203 121 to park for 2 hours in the Oxpens car park. 

For details on how to set up the service for your particular location please see the myRingGo - Text to Park website.

Smartphone App

iPhone users can download a RingGo iPhone application (free of charge) on the App store

Android users can download a RingGo app (free of charge) on Google Play.

This application locates your nearest RingGo zone, lets you manage your account and allows you to pay for your parking directly through the application. 

Internet options

If you have a phone with mobile internet access, you can use the myRingGo site to pay for your parking.  Simply login to the myRingGo - Member booking website and complete the details. 

For more information on all of these options, please see the myRingGo website.