Garden waste recycling scheme explained

Garden waste scheme explained

We operate an annual subscription scheme for the collection of household garden waste. You can either:

  • pay a yearly one off charge of £57 per brown wheelie bin, payable by Direct Debit only or;
  • purchase paper-based compostable sacks (roll of 10 = £38.50; roll of 20 = £57). 

If you currently receive an assisted collection you will also receive one for your brown wheeled bin or paper-based compostable sacks.

Join the garden waste collection service

Brown bins - how they work

  • You request to join the scheme.
  • If we can accommodate your request an agreement is sent to you.
  • You make your annual subscription payment.
  • If you are in receipt of housing benefit, council tax support and universal credit (housing element), we offer a concession at the price of £45 per bin or for 20 sacks.
  • The brown wheelie bin is delivered to your property within 20 working days of the payment clearing.
  • We offer a standard size bin (240l).
  • A new agreement is sent to you before the existing contract expires.
  • The annual subscription will need to be renewed on the anniversary of your bin being delivered to your property.
  • If the subscription lapses due to non-payment, your brown bin will not be emptied and instead your bin will be retrieved.
  • Full terms and conditions will be sent to you with the agreement.

Put your brown bin out for collection before 7am on your usual green bin/lilac sack collection day. The bin must be placed in a clearly visible and accessible location where your property meets the publicly adopted highway/pavement (or where your property meets the agreed private road) and with the lid closed. Please ensure you do not obstruct the pavement when placing your bins out for collection. 

Please do not pack garden waste too tightly into your bin - the waste should be loose enough for the bin to be emptied easily.

Compostable sacks - how they work

As an alternative to a brown bin you are able to purchase paper-based compostable sacks from our depots to put your garden waste in. We will then collect the paper sacks on your normal green bin/lilac sack collection day.

  • The paper-based compostable sacks are available in packs of 10 and 20 units.
  • They are 75 litre (80cm x 60cm x 25cm).
  • They cost £38.50 for 10 sacks and £57 for 20 sacks, paid for before using. See our purchasing compostable sacks page.
  • We do not deliver them.
  • Your property will be identified to our collection crews, confirming your sack purchase.
  • After 12 months, if you wish to continue having your garden waste collected you must contact us to renew your subscription (whether or not you have sacks remaining).
  • On your collection day you can put out as many sacks as you want.
  • Paper sacks are non-transferable between properties and will not be collected from properties that have not purchased them.

You can put out as many paper sacks for collection as you wish. Please remember the sacks and their contents all go into the collection vehicle. You do not receive the sacks back.

By their very nature the paper sacks will start to crumble when wet. We advise that you store them in a dry area until your collection day.

Put your paper sacks out for collection alongside your green bin/lilac sacks in a clearly visible and accessible location where your property meets the publicly adopted highway/pavement (or where your property meets the agreed private road) by 7am on your collection day.

Ways to pay

  • Bins - Direct Debit only (website and phone)
  • Compostable sacks - card only (website and phone)

Brown wheelie bin size

We offer a standard 240 litre bin - the same size as most of our blue recycling bins;

The bin you receive may not be new.


We offer a concession for those in receipt of housing benefit, council tax support and universal credit (housing element) at the price of £45 per bin or for 20 sacks.

If you no longer receive the benefits declared when you took out your subscription/sacks you can continue to use your brown wheeled bin/sacks until the subscription is due for renewal/you run out of sacks. You will be required to pay for the next yearly subscription or roll of sacks if the situation remains the same.


No refunds will be given once the contract is activated.

If you move house

If you move to another property serviced by us you are able to take your bin with you. Simply inform us of your new address so we can transfer the service. If we are not made aware, our crews will not be authorised to empty the bin at your new property.

If you move to another property outside of Oxford, please let us know and we will collect the wheelie bin. 

Please note if you are moving house outside Oxford and have a Direct Debit in place with us, please cancel this with your bank as well as with us to prevent any payments being taken.

Maintenance and cleaning of the brown bin

You are responsible for cleaning and replacement in the event of damage or theft. You cannot use liners or bags within the bins as these are non-biodegradable and therefore cannot be taken to the composting plant. 

If your bin goes missing, there is a £20 charge. Once the fee is paid, we will arrange the delivery of a replacement bin.

We will repair/replace the bin if affected by fair wear and tear. Any replacement brown bin may not be new.

Using other containers 

We will only collect garden waste in the approved brown wheelie bins or our supplied paper-based compostable sacks from the authorised address.

Garden waste will not be collected from the old green hessian sacks or any other containers put out. 

Renewing your garden waste subscription

We will write to or email you in good time before your subscription ends offering you the chance to renew it for another year. If you do not require a renewal, your brown bin will be retrieved by us.

If you don't renew your subscription and we remove your brown bin, you can still apply for the service again but your contract will be backdated to when it originally ended if due to non-payment. If 1 year has lapsed a new contract will be generated. You may have to join a waiting list to re-join the service.