Headington Neighbourhood Plan Examination

John Slater was appointed as the Examiner for the Headington Neighbourhood Plan.  He has considered the representations made to the Plan by various organisations and individuals.  

There were 20 responses made to the Headington Neighbourhood Plan. Nine were from individuals and 11 were from organisations.  

The Individual Responses have been collated below: 

The Responses from organisations are shown as separate documents: 

The City Council received the Examiner's Report on the Headington Neighbourhood Plan in January 2017. Following a meeting of the City Executive Board on 9th March 2017 the Examiner's recommendations to the Plan were agreed and it was agreed that the modified Plan proceed to referendum. 

Publication of the Examiner's Report and Regulation 18(2) Decision Statement

The Regulation 18(2) Decision Statement and the Examiner's Report can be viewed below:

The Decision Statement and Examiner's Report can also be viewed at the City Council's main office in St. Aldate's between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. 


The referendum took place on the Thursday 4th March 2017, for more information see the Headington Referendum webpage.