Once a planning application decision has been made

When a decision has been made on a planning application, a decision notice will be sent to the applicant or their agent and published on our website.

We don't typically write to members of the public or other parties to inform them about the outcome of the planning application individually, but these can all be found on our View and comment on planning applications page.

When planning permission has been granted

When planning permission has been granted by the Council, the development must take place in accordance with the approved plans and any conditions which have been attached to the decision notice.

Planning conditions

Please review the decision notice carefully to check whether there are any conditions that must be complied with before starting work. If this is the case, an application will need to be submitted to either approve (discharge) the conditions or, alternatively, to remove or vary the conditions.

Find out more about conditions below:

Building Regulations

It is likely that most alterations and extensions to a building will require Building Regulations approval. Before any work commences on site, please check the Building Regulations requirements.

What if I need to make changes to a planning permission?

If you wish to make substantial changes to your scheme after planning permission has been granted by the Council, you will need to submit a new planning application.

If you wish to make minor changes to the scheme which has been approved, you may be able to make these changes by following the options below.

There are two types of amendments you can apply for following the grant of planning permission. General guidance on each of these types of amendment can be found on the Planning Portal at the following:

Please find further guidance notes from Oxford City Council on applying for a non-material amendment and applying for a minor material amendment.

How do I know whether the amendment is material or non-material?

There are no set guidelines as to what can be considered as non-material or minor material. Each case is assessed on its own merits and the Council will need to make a decision on whether the changes would be non-material or minor material when the application is submitted.

You can find detailed guidance about both these types of applications in the Government’s ‘Flexible options for planning permissions’ section of the Planning Practice Guidance website

When planning permission has been refused

Please check the reasons for refusal on the decision notice which explains why the application was refused.

If you think it will be possible to overcome the reasons for refusal, you may wish to discuss this with us and apply for pre-application advice for guidance about overcoming the reasons for refusal and creating a revised proposal.

If you resubmit your application within 12 months of the decision, you may benefit from a 'free go' where a fee will not be charged for the second application. This is subject to the following criteria:

  • This must be the first 'free go' (only one is allowed)
  • The application site and red line boundary must be the same as on the refused application
  • The proposal must be very similar.

If you disagree with the decision you can make an appeal.