After a planning application decision has been made

When a decision has been made on your planning application, a decision notice will be sent to the applicant or their agent and published on our website. The decision notice will either give the reasons for approving permission and any conditions which may be imposed on that permission or it will give the reasons for refusing planning permission.

We don't inform members of the public about the outcome of the planning application individually, but these can all be found on our website

Applications that are approved

Planning conditions

When your planning application has been approved, please check the decision notice carefully to check whether there are any conditions that must be complied with before starting work. Please also make sure that you obtain all other approvals required under other legislation including Building Control Regulations.

Building Regulations

It is likely that most alterations and extensions to a building will require Building Regulations approval. Before any work commences on site, please check the Building Regulations requirements.

Making changes to your planning permission

It is possible to make changes to your planning proposal after permission has been granted. See our Make changes to your planning permission page for full details.

Applications that are refused

Please check the reasons for refusal on the decision notice which explain why the application was refused. You may then wish to ask the Case Officer for further clarification about these reasons if you are not clear.

If you think it will be possible to overcome the reasons for refusal, you may wish to also discuss this with us and apply for pre-application advice for guidance about overcoming the reasons for refusal and creating a revised proposal.

If you resubmit your application within 12 months of the decision, you may benefit from a '˜free go' where a fee will not be charged for the second application. This is subject to the following criteria:

  • This must be the first 'free go' (only one is allowed)
  • The application site and red line must be the same.
  • The proposal must be very similar.

If you disagree with the decision you can make an appeal through the Planning Inspectorate.