Report a Noise Problem

Confidentiality of your complaint

We have a policy of keeping complainant details confidential, although often neighbours will guess who has complained without officers giving information. If a case leads to prosecution you may be asked to give evidence in court.

To assist in the investigation of the noise complaint you can use a software application that can be downloaded from Apple and Android app stores.  The free application allows you to record noise issues on their smartphone or tablet and then sends the recording directly to the City Council to investigate.

The new system means investigators can receive noise recordings almost immediately and act more quickly if the noise is particularly bad.

If you don’t have a smartphone or prefer to do so you can complete one of our diary sheets. These may be used in evidence and so would need to be signed and dated by you.

Further information

You can report noise complaints to us using our online form

Download the Noise app


Telephone : 01865 249811