Pay a fixed penalty notice

Parking tickets

If you received a parking fine in Oxford, it could have been issued by either Oxford City Council (reference number starting with the prefix OC) or Oxfordshire County Council (reference numbers starting with OX).

Bus gate or bus lane fines

If your fine was issued by Oxfordshire County Council for a bus gate or bus lane offence visit the Oxfordshire County Council website.

Speeding tickets

If your FPN was issued by Thames Valley Police for speeding, visit the TVP website for information about what to do with speeding tickets.

Fixed Penalty Notices issued by Oxford City Council

To pay a Fixed Penalty Notice issued by Oxford City Council that starts with the reference CRT, please contact us on 01865 252969. 

If you pay within 10 days then the penalty may be discounted if applicable.

Court fines

If you need to pay a court fine, visit the GOV.UK website.