Enforcing environmental issues

Environmental crimes such as fly-tipping, littering and abandoning vehicles lower the quality of life for people living in the areas affected and can lead to an increase in other types of crime.

We tackle these environmental crimes by issuing fixed penalty notices to people we believe have committed an offence rather than prosecuting them. 

Fixed penalty notices can be issued for:

  • Litter (£80) - dropping litter anywhere, including private land, rivers, ponds and lakes. Cigarette butts and chewing gum are defined as litter.
  • Dog fouling (£80) - if a dog fouls in a public place and the owner fails to pick up after the dog
  • Commercial litter (£100) - Fast food outlets, stalls and mobile van operators can be served with a Street Litter Control Notice.  If they then fail to keep the area clear of litter they can issued with a fixed penalty notice. We can require the landowner to clear the litter from their land if it is made unsightly by litter.  We can then issue a fixed penalty notice if they fail to clear the area within the time specified
  • Uncontrolled waste (£100) -  We can issue a legal notice if domestic waste is presented early, side waste is left by a wheelie bin, or the wrong items are placed in a recycling bin.  We can then issue a fixed penalty notice if the first notice is ignored. Similar arrangements apply to commercial waste presented incorrectly or at the wrong time.
  • Duty of Care (£300) - Businesses have a duty care to ensure that their waste is removed by a licensed waste carrier.  If we suspect that a business is not dealing with its waste correctly we can issue a notice requiring the production of waste transfer documents. Failure to produce the documents results in the issue of a fine.

Fixed penalty notices can be issued by:

  • Environmental Enforcement Officers
  • Dog Warden
  • Park Rangers
  • Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs)
  • Community Response Officers

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