Distributing leaflets and other printed materials

Appeals against consent decisions

We reserve the right to refuse consent to any individual or business and will take any relevant previous convictions, warnings, revocations or refusals for the distribution of free printed matter into consideration before authorisation is given.

Any person aggrieved by a decision:

  • to refuse consent,
  • to impose any limitation or condition subject to which consent is given,
  • to revoke consent (or to revoke it to any extent),

may appeal against the decision to a magistrates' court.

A magistrates' court may on an appeal:

  • uphold any refusal of consent or require us to grant consent (without limitation or condition or subject to any limitation or condition);
  • require us to revoke or vary any condition;
  • uphold or quash revocation of consent (or uphold or quash revocation to any extent).