Elections in Oxford - 6 May 2021

Absent voting - postal and proxy

There have been a small number of postal voters (166 people) who have mistakenly been sent two postal vote packs. It's in the polling district based around Hamilton Road, Lonsdale Road, Victoria Road in north Oxford. The affected people have been contacted by email, letter and have had that followed up with a personal visit, in the week beginning 26 April 2021.  If you believe you have been affected and need advice please ring 01865 252987.

Anyone who is registered to vote may apply to vote by post or by proxy (where someone votes on your behalf). Application forms are available from our Absent voting page or by ringing 01865 249811 where one will be posted to you.

If you have the facility you can scan/take a (good quality) photo of the completed form and email it to [email protected]. Otherwise you should post it to Electoral Services, The Town Hall, St. Aldate’s, Oxford, OX1 1BX.

In deciding which type of absent vote to have you should note it is anticipated that all postal ballot papers will be put into Royal Mail on Friday 23 April 2021, first class. You need to consider whether you will around to complete and return the pack. Postal votes must be received by the Returning Officer by no later than 10pm on Thursday 6 May.

On proxy voting the person nominated must be a registered voter and normally be able to go to the elector’s polling station on election day. However, if he/she cannot go to the polling station they may apply, as a proxy, to vote by post, provided that the additional postal-proxy application is received no later than the postal vote deadline of 5pm on Tuesday 20 April 2021.

Deadlines for completed applications

The deadlines for receipt of completed applications are as follows:

  • Postal Vote requests – 5pm, Tuesday 20 April 2021
  • Proxy Vote requests – 5pm, Tuesday 27 April 2021

Emergency Proxies

After 5pm on Tuesday 27 April 2021, there is provision for the appointment of a proxy because of unforeseen illness/physical incapacity or on grounds of occupation, service or employment.

Any such applications:

  • can be allowed only if the circumstances which lead to the application occurred after 5pm on 27 April;
  • have to be attested (supported) by a specified person; and
  • can be received from then, but no later than 5pm on polling day,

Further guidance is obtainable from the Electoral Services.

At the time of writing, it is anticipated that the government will be extending the proxy provisions to allow an emergency appointment where a voter has to isolate for Covid-19 reasons, and where a proxy can no longer go to a polling station to vote because of having to isolate. Further details will be published here when the government finalises its plans.

Please note that if you already have a postal or proxy voting arrangement in place, it can be changed or cancelled on application received no later than 5pm on Tuesday 20 April 2021. It cannnot be changed after that date.

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