European Parliamentary Elections - 23 May 2019

Elections to the European Parliament (EP) are due to take place across the UK on Thursday 23 May 2019.

There are no local elections in Oxford on local election day - Thursday 2 May 2019.

European Parliamentary elections are run on a regional closed list system. The UK is split up in to regions and a certain number of MEPs allocated to each, based on their electorate. Oxford is in the South-east region which will elect 10 MEPs. Further information on how elections to the European Parliament work can be found the European Parliament's UK office website.


All the notices in relation to the EP elections will be posted here as the election timetable proceeds.

Parties/independent candidates

A list of the parties and independent candidates who are standing is linked in the Notices section above..

Poll cards

Poll cards are being sent out from 23 April 2019.

If you do not receive one it may be an indication that you are not registered. Please contact [email protected] to check. (See the note below about EU citizens)

Polling stations

The polling stations are mostly the same as normal. However, due to the very short notice given to organise these polls, we haven't been able to secure all our usual buildings. The table below sets out the two alternatives we have to use this time. A full list of polling stations can be found uder the "Notices" section above.

Usual location

Alternative to be used on 23 May

Greyfriars, Jackdaw Lane

The Gladiator Club, Percy Street

Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Woodstock Road

St. Margaret's Church, St. Margaret's Road

Registering to vote

The deadline for registering to apply in time for 23 May is Tuesday 7 May

If you are not registered, or not registered at your current address, please go to the government's registration page to register online. The system is quick and simple, taking only five minutes. You will need your National Insurance Number to hand.

Registered overseas electors are eligible to vote in EP elections. If you are not registered as an overseas elector and wish to do so the deadline is still 7 May and you can register online using the link above.

European Union citizens - voting rights in the UK

EU citizens (not including British, Irish, Cypriot or Maltese - who all have full voting rights in the UK) have to make a separate application to vote at the EP elections in the UK. Application information and forms have been sent out and any EU citizen who wishes to vote in the UK MUST complete and return that form by Tuesday 7 May

The form can also be downloaded from the EP area of the Your Vote Matters website.  

The completed form must be signed in ink. It can be scanned and emailed to [email protected] by the deadline.

Student Voting

Students are allowed to register in both their home and place of study. However, they are only allowed to vote ONCE at national-level elections such as these. 

Absent Voting

If you are away on election day you can apply to vote either by post or by proxy (where someone votes on your behalf). The deadlines are:

  • Completed postal vote applications - 5pm on Wednesday 8 May
  • Completed proxy vote applications - 5pm on Wednesday 15 May

Absent vote applications are available in the forms area of the Your Vote Matters website. If you have the facility you can scan in the completed form, which again must be signed in ink, and

Completed and scanned forms can be sent to us by  

  • e-mailling to [email protected]; or
  • posting  to Electoral Services, The Town Hall, St. Aldate's, Oxford, OX1 1BX.

Despatch of postal vote packs

Postal vote packs will be despatched no earlier than Friday 10 May - therefore you need to plan to be able to receive and complete your pack. If you going on holiday any earlier than Thursday 16 May we suggest you arrange a proxy vote.

Polling Day

Polling day is Thursday 23 May and the hours of poll are 7am-10pm.

The Count

As no results are allowed to be published before the last polling station closes across the EU the count will not take place until Sunday 26 May. Results, by council area, then region and then national will begin to be announced after 10pm on 26 May. The results for Oxford will be published here as soon as possible after 10pm.