Grants for voluntary and community groups

How decisions on grants are made

A Grants Panel appraises all grant applications applying for funding from us.  Each application is firstly screened for eligibility (applicants must be able to show that they are a constituted community organisation run by a committee, that they have provided annual accounts and a bank statement and have an up to date equal opportunities statement that embraces the new Equality Act 2010). 

All applications are read and then evaluated against criteria relating to:-

  • Evidence of need,
  • Who the project is targeting,
  • What risks are associated with the project,
  • How the application meets the Council’s priorities,
  • How the group will monitor and evaluate the impact of the grant,
  • Whether the group received any other subsidy from the City Council,
  • If the group is financially competent,
  • If the application demonstrates a financial need and
  • If the grant would represent value for money. 

A recommendation is arrived at after considering these factors for each application. Recommendations from the Grants Panel then go for approval.

Approval of recommendations from the Grants panel can be approved by a senior manager or by the City Executive Board.  A decision through either route is final.