Grants advice, fundraising guidance and support

We recognise the ongoing and lasting impact that Covid is having on communities and we will endeavour to support those groups working with the most affected communities. The voluntary, community and social enterprise sector have always been an invaluable part of Oxford and have shown an incredible response to the pandemic.

We've listened to feedback and renewed the way that we support the sector. We have launched the Oxford Community Impact Fund, which is one funding programme with three levels of grants available.

Developing and funding your ideas

The first step in seeking funding is to develop your idea from outline into a convincing case for funding, detailed budgets and planned outcomes. You might find the following links helpful for this process:

Evidencing the need for your project

Any funding application will be expected to show evidence of the local need. We recommend visiting the following sites to help you find useful data:

Sources of funding

There are many sources of funding available to apply to, not just ours. We recommend considering the following websites and platforms:

Staying up to date with what's going on

Other routes to finding funding and support

Individuals and families

  • Turn2US can help you find support with Coronavirus and find out what support may be available to you through benefits, grants and other help
  • Contact your local advice centre for help and support
  • Family Fund has a helpful list of funding opportunities to support families

Business and social enterprise

  • eScalate can support Oxfordshire’s small and medium sized enterprises, including social enterprises, with growth strategies (up to March 2022)
  • ROBIN is a network of businesses and public sector organisations across Oxfordshire whose members support charities and community groups by sharing skills and resources

Networking and support for the community and voluntary sector

  • Charity Mentors provide experienced mentors who offer free, tailored, and confidential support to voluntary sector leaders over a 4-6 month period. They are a sounding board and a critical friend. Mentors also bring an outside perspective and help leaders to prioritise, to plan, and to formulate their strategic thinking. 
  • Join one of our Locality Learning meetings to share information about your group and learn about what's going on in your local area by connecting with our Locality Hubs
  • OCVA have a list of local networks and forums which can be a good way of finding out about support across the sector
  • Oxfordshire All In run a Community Support Group Leaders Facebook group