#WeAreOxford Grants

The #WeAreOxford grant fund is closed and this page is for information only

The #WeAreOxford grant fund will support community activity that builds cross-community relationships, focusing on activities beyond pandemic support. 

#WeAreOxford is a campaign to celebrate the diversity, generosity and sense of community that makes Oxford a great place to live and work. Originally launched to help build stronger communities post-Brexit, we’ve broadened it in light of all we’ve learnt from the pandemic. As well as recognising different experiences of culture, religion, ethnicity, disability and different age groups, we are also aware of the need to bridge the gap in experience between the more and less well-off in our city.

Through the pandemic we have seen an amazing response from people across the city, from people volunteering to those setting up new organisations to answer local need. To help each other through the crisis, people have reached out across traditional social boundaries, including across neighbourhoods, nationalities, different places of worship and generations. We want to build on that foundation by funding activity that continues those cross-community relationships, focusing on activities beyond pandemic support. This could be anything from children’s activities to creating art in shared spaces, a news project or skills development.

Groups that have received funding from this grant

Please email grants@oxford.gov.uk if you have any queries.