Council tax disabled reduction

A disabled band reduction may apply if anyone in your household is disabled (an adult or a child) and the property has been adapted in order to meet the disabled person's needs. This property must be the disabled person's main home to qualify for the reduction.

Reduction amount 

If your property qualifies for a disabled band reduction, your Council Tax bill will be reduced to one band below its official banding. For properties in Band A, the amount due will be calculated as 5/9ths of the amount set for a Band D property.

Reduction criteria 

A reduction may not necessarily apply just because the disabled person is registered as disabled. The criteria relates to the physical nature of the property.

A reduction can be granted provided one of the following conditions apply and that it is essential or of major importance for the well-being of the disabled person who lives in the household:

  • a room, other than a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory, is used mainly by the disabled person and is required for meeting their needs,
  • an additional bathroom or kitchen is required to meet the needs of the disabled person,
  • there is enough space for the use of a wheelchair where one needs to be used inside the property.

You do not have to have made any adaptations yourself to the property. Providing one of the above conditions applies, you may be entitled to a reduction.

It may be necessary for a Council Tax inspector to visit the property, to confirm the adaptations that have been made to your property, if so, the Inspector will contact you in order to make an appointment. Please note all staff carry and provide identification.

Changes in circumstances 

You must to notify us in writing within 21 days if there is no longer an entitlement to the reduction either because the qualifying individual has left the property or there is a change in circumstances. 

Apply for a disabled reduction

The disabled reduction can only be backdated to the beginning of the financial year. Therefore a new application form is required each year. 

You can apply for this discount using our online disabled reduction form.

Apply for a Council Tax Disabled Reduction