May Morning in Oxford

Crowd management and viewing areas

This year, there will be a new crowd management system in place, with one-way channels to enable the crowd to pass across the bridge during and after 6am.

The new crowd management arrangements are in place to allow movement across the bridge in both directions.

Please be aware that you may just need to get into the right lane depending on which direction you wish to travel and there will be signage and stewards to help with this. 

There will be designated areas for audiences to stand and listen to the choir (see blue areas below) but there will be space in between these viewing areas for people to get into which ever lane they need to.

People will be encouraged not to stand still in the pathways created so that movement across the bridge is maintained. 

Please note that bicycles - ridden and pushed - will not be allowed to cross the bridge during the event.

May Morning crowd movement map

There will also be designated viewing areas for wheelchair and mobility scooter users, families with young children and those with buggies in the car park of Magdalen College School and in Rose Lane.

May Morning viewing areas map

As this is a new plan we will be looking closely at how the arrangement works in practice this year so that it can be refined / improved in future years.