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Springboard Money is a new service which can support you to manage your money when you claim Universal Credit. It is available to anyone who is claiming Universal Credit.

Springboard Money offers a tailored one-to-one service to help you manage your finances, maximise your income, and access other support. It offers:

  • a "Universal Credit MOT” - we will check that you are getting what you are entitled to, explain how your Universal Credit claim is made up, and can give advice on issues with your claim
  • if you are waiting for your first payment, we can estimate how much it will be, and advise you on advance payments and other available support while you are waiting
  • support and advice about the benefit cap, bedroom tax and local housing allowance shortfalls, and help to make a claim for discretionary housing payment
  • help to make a budgeting plan and find ways of maximising income
  • advice and support with council tax arrears and council tax reduction claims – including liaising with our Revenues team to help resolve council tax issues
  • advice and support with rent arrears – including liaising with our Incomes team and other landlords to help resolve rent arrears issues
  • support with finding work
  • advice about gas, electricity and water bills, including energy efficiency options
  • referrals to specialist debt, energy efficiency and housing advice
  • help with applications for alternative payment arrangements, including housing costs paid direct to your landlord
  • emergency help for food, household necessities and utility costs if you do not have enough money to live on while you wait for your first payment.

How to get help from Springboard Money

You can ask your work coach at Jobcentre Plus to refer you to Springboard Money.

You can also ask an advice centre, support organisation or anyone at the council to refer you to Springboard Money.

Once we receive a referral form, we will contact you within five working days.

You can also ask us for help directly. Contact details for Springboard Money are at the bottom of this page.

Download a referral form

You can download a Springboard Money referral form here.