What we do to tackle homelessness

Ways you can help

On World Homeless Day in 2019 we helped launch Oxfordshire Homeless Movement, a countywide partnership with the aim of ensuring that nobody should have to sleep rough in Oxfordshire.

One of Oxfordshire Homeless Movement’s aims is to bring greater visibility to all Oxfordshire's work in homelessness, guiding volunteers, supporters and people experiencing homelessness alike to the actions or services they’re looking for.

The Oxfordshire Homeless Movement website provides information on how to give time, money or help in kind to organisations supporting people sleeping outside. It also gives guidance and advice for people who need help.

Oxfordshire Homeless Movement focuses its priority projects on filling the critical gaps in provision that others can't, always working in partnership. Oxfordshire Homeless Movement won't initiate a project where one of their partners is already providing a service - the aim is to avoid duplication and signpost to the best resources.

  • Oxfordshire Homeless Movement supports people experiencing homelessness who have lost or don’t have access to state-funded benefits and housing
  • The Lived Experience Advisory Forum (LEAF) was initiated by Oxfordshire Homeless Movement, with the belief that homeless provision in Oxfordshire could be made more effective by consulting people with lived experience of homelessness

If you would like to support Oxfordshire Homeless Movement’s work, you can read more on its latest appeal or email hello@oxfordshirehomelessmovement.org for more details.

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