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Housing and homelessness strategy 2018-21

Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2018-21

Oxford faces huge challenges in relation to housing and homelessness. Tackling these challenges is an absolute priority for the Council. The high demand for housing and the limited supply of new accommodation – primarily caused by constrained development opportunities – drives up housing costs and creates significant affordability issues. This impacts our residents, who increasingly face financial hardship and risk of homelessness, as well as local businesses and services. Combined, this causes a real threat to the local economy and our communities.

The Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2018-21, was approved by The City Executive Board and adopted in January 2018. The strategy sets out the Council’s vision for housing and how we will work in partnership to prevent and tackle homeless and meet housing needs.

A mid-point review of the strategy and associated documents was carried out during summer 2019. As a result the strategy Action Plan has been updated and refreshed to ensure that it is in line with developments over the last year and sufficiently addresses future challenges.

Another important addition to the Housing and Homelessness Strategy is the Rough Sleeping Action Plan that will sit as an addendum under the strategy for the remainder of the strategy cycle. This has been created in response to the Government’s Rough Sleeping Strategy launched in August 2018. Relevant objectives under Priority 2 of the Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2018-21 have been reviewed, updated and incorporated into the separate Rough Sleeping Action Plan.

Strategy Documents

Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2018-21

Appendix 1 Evidence Base for Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2018-21 – updated January 2019

Appendix 2 Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2018-21 Action Plan – updated September 2019

Addendum to the Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2018-21 - Rough Sleeping Action Plan

Relevant Reports

CEB report for Draft Housing & Homelessness Strategy 2018-21

Housing Panel report for Mid-point review of the Housing & Homelessness Strategy 2018-21

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