Lease Extensions

Oxford City Council does not issue voluntary lease extensions nor give an indication as to price.

Leaseholders may have a statutory right to acquire a lease extension once the lease has been held for two years.

You would need to appoint a solicitor and valuer to submit a formal notice under section 42 of the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993. In the notice you would propose a price for the lease extension.

You will have to  pay our fees which  will include:

  1. The costs of employing a valuer:
  2. The legal costs of:
    • Dealing with a valid notice and responding
    • Drafting and completing the lease:

There may be further costs if your notice is invalid, you ask to change other terms of your lease, your lease is defective or has page’s missing, or if you sell your lease during the application.

The new lease would be for the remaining term of the existing lease plus 90 years.

Further information on the lease renewal process can be obtained from an independent body called the Leasehold Advisory Service

Once you are ready to proceed, please contact the Leasehold Management Officer on 01865 249811 or Email us