EU Settlement Scheme

Oxford European Association

The Oxford European Association, launched in October 2016, is open to all and believes that all non-British Europeans are welcome and that Oxford is their home. The association:

  • campaigns for the rights of non-British Europeans in Oxford 
  • gives practical support for residency and nationality applications 
  • seeks to prevent discrimination against non-British Europeans in Oxford.

Chair: Ruvi Ziegler
Vice-chair: Andrew Prosser and Christopher Gowers
Secretary: Councillor John Tanner
Assistant Secretary: Jennifer Darnley
Treasurer: Ewa Gluza

The association meets about every six weeks. You can contact them on the Oxford European Association Facebook page or on the Oxford European Association Twitter page.

Twin Cities

Oxford is twinned with various cities around the world, with the aim of encouraging international friendship and understanding of other cultures.

More information on the activities of the twin links is available on our Oxford International Links pages