Energy efficiency standards in commercial properties

Exemptions from the energy efficiency regulations

Properties on the Government's Exemptions Register (following successful application) are exempt from the Energy Act 2011 requirements. 

They need to be legally required to have an EPC and be let on a relevant lease type but cannot be improved to meet the minimum standard of EPC band E for one of the reasons set out below:

  • Have undertaken improvements that are cost-effective but remain below an E EPC rating.
  • Necessary third party's permission to denied or unreasonable conditions applied
  • Measures would cause capital devaluation of the property of more than 5%.
  • Potential negative impact on the fabric or structure of the property (including insulation).

Landlords must ensure all the appropriate supporting information is uploaded with their exemption request.

Visit the GOV.UK - Guidance on PRS Register pages to find more information on exemptions and how to register them.