Book a bulky waste collection

Before booking a bulky waste collection

Think about alternatives to disposal first - you may be able to donate to charity or pass items on to friends or family.

If you still wish to have us collect your items, you will need to organise your collections to save the number of visits needed.

Each household is entitiled to two free collections per year. Subsequent collections will cost £25.00 each.

Each collection can be up to three items, but these will need to be within the same category (shown below). If items are from different categories it will need more than one collection.

Examples of collections
Number of collections required Furniture Household electrical items Other ‘white goods’
One collection - (three items all from the same category) A bed, mattress and armchair    
Two collections - (four items all from the same category) A bed, mattress, armchair and table    
Two collections - (one item fom one category, two items from another category)   A television A washing machine and oven
Three collections - (three items, one from each category) A table A television A washing machine

To request a collection, please call us on the number below.