Bin collection days have changed for over 35,000 households in Oxford

From 4 April 2022, recycling and waste bin collection days changed for 35,000 households in Oxford. Residents can sign up to receive bin day reminders using our new email reminder service on our bin collection day page.

How do residents know if they have a collection day has change?

Residents impacted will have received a letter in February and a second letter in March to advise that they are impacted by the change. Those not impacted will have received a letter in March to advise them of this. Residents also received a bin tag reminding them of these changes.

Residents can find out if their bin day has changed by using our bin collection day finder page.

Why were two letters sent out?

Oxford has a transition population and a diverse demographic therefore we communicated as widely as possible to ensure that all residents were informed of the collection day changes. This was part of a wider communication strategy that encompassed a range of communication methods to engage all residents and to facilitate a seamless service change.

How else were residents communicated with?

We supplemented letters with a number of other communications including press releases, social media content, website updates, bin tags and posters to ensure that we communicated as widely as possible to all residents about the changes.

Why were these changes made?

For the last 10 years, our recycling and waste collection rounds in Oxford remained the same, but during this time the quantity and quality of materials that we collected changed drastically, causing a strain on our services.

In order to rebalance our collections, we changed our collection rounds. This was to help improve the service we provide and to help reduce our carbon emissions. 

By optimising our collection services, we balanced workloads and have built in capacity to reflect Oxford City Council’s plans for property growth.

Does this affect all bins?

For those impacted by the change, this will affect all collections: recycling, waste, food and garden (where subscribed). 

Is this a permanent change?

Yes, collection days have been changed permanently.

When did these changes begin?

These changes came into place from the week commencing 4 April 2022.

Are bins still put out for collection in the same way?

Bins still need to be placed out as per the normal arrangements – after 6pm the evening before collection or by 7am on collection day, where the pavement meets the public highway.

Will new collection calendars be sent out for this change?

New collection calendars were delivered with the council tax bill in March. A copy of this was also printed on the letters sent out to residents in March.

Residents can check their bin day by using our bin collection day finder page.