Welcome to our new website

We’ve given it a new look…

  • We’ve made sure the new website works properly on a tablet or smartphone
  • We’ve used bold colours with lots of contrast to help people with sight problems
  • We’ve cut back on unnecessary images to make pages load faster (and to save on your data costs if using a smartphone)
  • We’ve made our online forms better to use and less cluttered 

We’ve re-written all the pages…

  • Each page now has a title describing what it is about to help you find what you need
  • Pages are much shorter; we’ve split up long pages to make them easier to read
  • We’ve cut out as much jargon as we can
  • All contact information is at the bottom of each page 

We’ve made things easier to find…

  • We’re using a brand new search function that works across all our sites
  • We’ve improved the site navigation so that things are grouped together more sensibly, and you don’t get too many links on a page 

We’ve added some new features..