Website accessibility statement

Accessibility statement

The team behind this web site hope that whoever needs to use it, can do so easily. We have tried to make it as accessible as possible. We want everyone who visits our website to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding.

Access keys

We haven't used access keys as they can often interfere with the default keyboard shortcuts of modern browsers. The content is easily tab-navigable and screen-reader friendly. See how you can adapt the website to meet your needs.

Change the text size, colours and fonts

You can change the text size, colours and fonts to suit your needs. Changes can be saved for your future visits.

Alternatively, you can use your browser to change text size for this website.

  • Internet Explorer: Select the "View" menu, then "Text size"
  • Chrome: Select the "More" menu in the top right, next to 'Zoom' choose the zoom options that you want
  • FireFox: Select the "View" menu, then "Zoom" or "Zoom text only"
  • Safari: Select the "View" menu, then "Make text bigger" or "Make text smaller"
  • Opera: Select the "View" menu, then "Zoom"

Listen to and translate our website using Browsealoud

Browsealoud iconThis website is speech enabled with Browsealoud for those who have difficulties reading web pages. You will find the Browsealoud button at the top of each website page, next to the search box.

You are able to create and download audio files from our website pages and play them on another device if you wish.

You can also translate the text on each page into a wide variety of different languages.

Read our guide to using Browsealoud.


We have ensured that the design of this website is not an obstacle to its usability and readability, and that it will work on a variety of devices with different screen sizes.

We have used a colour palette on the website that ensures for good contrast.

We have made every effort to ensure this web site is easily readable using 'plain English' by removing jargon and using more simple language. We have also split longer pages into different sections to make them easier to follow.

Accessibility standards

To create this website we used a company that ensure its meet the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and have designed the site to meet the AA standard. We also used the Shaw Trust to carry out an external audit of our website before it launched to give us feedback to help comply.

Your feedback

If you had trouble with any part of our website, please get in touch. We'd like to hear from you in any of the following ways: