Development at Westlands Drive - Public Consultation

Green space at Westlands Drive development

Green space plan for proposed Westlands Drive development

Image description: The plan shows the green space north of the site, with the proposed building footprint shown in pink. Green circles show trees to be retained, and blue represent those to be removed.

75% of green space maintained

The proposal retains 75% of the open space, enhanced with new landscaping features and facilities. Existing paths will be amended to maintain desire lines. We are taking suggestions on how residents and neighbours would like to use this space.

Most trees retained

An arboricultural survey has been carried out to assess value of the trees and minimise their removal, particularly the more mature ones. Six trees have been identified as requiring removal for the development, but indigenous species planting will be carried out to replace those removed.

New scheme improvements

Oxford City Council is committed to improving the ecology and increasing net biodiversity. Proposals include the planting of new native trees and the provision of nesting and roosting sites for birds, bats, and insects such as swift boxes, bat bricks, and a bug hotel.